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, the tragedy of 5 tourists from Shenzhen, Taishan, is not far away. In May 30th, the news of a Nanshan Public Security Bureau policeman who died in a rush to cross the field was circulated in the circle of friends. The news said that the police department of Shenzhen running horse, cross-country great God level people, yesterday morning five point one people went off the country, has been in the afternoon without news. Family alarm, unit organization search and rescue, he found that he was accidentally killed.
reporter from the Nanshan police station learned that, in a just and his wife rushed to the East weekend holiday, more than five in the morning to go running into the sea, floating corpse was found to Hongkong. The reporter then checked the matter with the Nanshan Public Security Bureau, the branch said that the situation was true, but because it was a personal behavior, it was inconvenient to respond to the matter. Reporters will continue to follow up the matter.

, as we know, Guangdong has always been one of the most active outdoor provinces. Shenzhen has been developing relatively early because of outdoor sports, and the number of people who participate in outdoor sports has occupied 15%-20% of the total population of the society. Data show that 170 outdoor safety accidents occurred in Guangdong in 2010 -2015, involving 1245 people, 161 casualties, including 25 deaths and 32 deaths. From the city of accident, 87 of the 170 accidents in Shenzhen, followed by Shaoguan, Shantou, Guangzhou and other places. The East West rush crossing is one of the most popular classical routes of outdoor enthusiasts in Shenzhen. There have been many accidents before. For this reason, the people who love running alliance remind that outdoor activities should pay special attention to safety, travel together and take care of each other. (reporter Zhang Zhao)

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