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has confirmed by Kardashian, real and clear appearance, this pair of Yeezy 750 Boost; the outer end of the luminous effect is the additional property popular. From this demonstration picture, you can see the very obvious effect of Glow in Dark, and it seems to be a heavy shoe for fried chicken!

item: BB1840
Refresh PB only needs a competition bag!

a marathon solution, there is no dazzling choice, no excess burden. What is in front of you is what you need most.

"the new season marathon an invigorating autumn climate, followed. Although the temperature of autumn is pleasant, this season has the property of preventing and preventing heat, damp, damp, moisture and so on, but the frequent occurrence of various accidents in the competition is purely normal.

pain is difficult to avoid, and the hardships can be chosen. The marathon itself is a contest between the runners themselves and themselves, and how many self - abandonment pains they experience in the process. So, why not choose a correct entry package to avoid the suffering?
that day marathon running, will feel God deeply malicious, various Piaoyu North horse race day, the year before severe haze, many runners just wearing masks ran in malaysia. The objective factors leading to not be happy to have a very nice, again because of their lack of preparation to play normal not to finish the race, you say you Si Si SA? It is not easy to sign a horse in a running horse.

, of course, many of the runners still have the potential for a rainy day. The search for relevant information and Raiders in a certain degree, a treasure between all kinds of information explosion, the registration fee is also expensive than spend money to buy a variety of accessories, but when serious and forget to use
said the marathon runners gave him a special feeling, when he first race, did not know the way to intake of carbohydrates and electrolytes, leading to "hit the wall" after the half and only one step away. Luckily, it happened to meet an old driver and put his energy into him. The morning white clouds, like marshmallows, rode in the blue sky, and the sun shone slightly, feeling that he might run to heaven.

moved to move, marathon this sport gives you too much, everyone has different feelings to her, here is not the number of details.
The key point for
is that if you run a marathon race over half a horse and a horse, you have to have a supply intake. Some people say that there will be a lot of supply stations when running, why do I have to increase the burden of my own running with their own supplies?

little editor just wants to say, go out and turn right with a face wall, please hit it.

general supply stations will give you more basic configurations, such as bananas and water. The water here is obvious, although the banana is rich in nutrition, but if you run slowly, ha ha, the banana is not standing obediently waiting for you at home. Basically you can't eat anything except water.

about energy glue

so, willpower can't be eaten as a meal, but energy glue can. It is better to rely on others than to rely on yourself. This truth applies to the marathon race. With some energy and salt pills, you don't have to worry about the physical overdraft of your body during the game.

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